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 The Results of Greentube’s Joining Novomatic

As you know, Greentube is one of the leading software providers for numerous online casinos. The company has been around for 20 years and brought online the best land-based casino slots and games. 2 years after it was launched, it joined Novomatic. This is the international gambling company that has a net worth of over $5.5 billion. Clearly, both companies found the deal mutually beneficial. So, what did Novomatic and Greentube cooperation brought to gamblers?

  1. When people talk about Novomatic – Greentube cooperation, you need to understand that Greentube belongs to the other company. So, Novomatic got a chance to expand their business online and Greentube received the necessary support to deliver high-quality games.
  2. Secondly, both companies worked hard to make such a wonderful portfolio with over 600 online slots and games.
  3. The cooperation resulted in the increased awareness of both brands and, consequently, higher income.

If you don’t work in this business, you won’t probably feel the difference between the slots. However, some professionals have other criteria for evaluating quality. Even the most experienced gamblers put these 2 developers in the top of their list and find their slots the most appealing. If you haven’t played any slots developed by these 2 giants, you should definitely try.

Try your luck and win some money. Enjoy the most beautiful and smoothly working slots from the comfort of your favorite gadget.

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