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Take Responsibility For The Way You Play Games Of Chance

Sometimes online gambling can be a strange beast. When you think you have all the quirks and hidden tricks sussed out, a new move comes out of the woodwork. It is a learning process and you will always find out ways to figure out suspicious play. However, there will be those times where the other players just change a gear and leave you gob smacked.

Here is an example of a poker hand where new tricks can hit you

Not so long ago in an online game of poker at the low stake’s tables at a friend’s place (his money) there was a situation that completely killed the mood of the game. There was as per usual an aggressive player at the table that was just getting lucky for the most part, but played the aggression quite well considering the table was full of tight players.

There were a couple of points where it would have been nice to have just gone over the top of the raises, but as discipline is always the key and the cards at the time were bad it was better to wait for the right spot.

A few hands went by when in came an Ace-Queen hand on the button. The player in question was sitting to the right and so predictably 3-bet the big blind. This was an easy opportunity to either get cash out of this player or force a fold, so a 3-bet was fired back at him while the rest of the table dropped. The flop came low with 9s-9c-Jd, which to all intent and purposes was not a nice hand, and Joe Bloggs could have had anything. Everything was checked over and the turn came as a dud 4h.

Joe Bloggs had made it obvious he was worried about the 9, but sensed weakness and fired only to be met with a 3-bet back to him to which he called.

The river shows 7h and logs checks and the all-in is put to him. In this situation the read on Bloggs was obvious. He had gone into the hand with something, but nothing great and was trying the usual bluff move. However, after the strong re-raise on the turn he must have thought he was being slow played to the nines considering the stats showed that we had only seen one showdown and won with 8-8. Bloggs calls anyway as he had hit the massive 7h on the river.

Bloggs is a typical example of a player that would like to think this was a good read, and for some time we wondered until we saw him play an almost identical move and lose a few hands later. He then repeated this mistake. The morale of the story is that you should not blame yourself for others stupidity and keep battling on. On this occasion the read on Bloggs was good, but Bloggs was not a clever poker player and was soon gone with a zero balance.

Online Gambling Games Have RNGs

When you play online gambling games such as the ones hosted at live22 casino, then you will come against computer RNGs. You also have to take into consideration house edge, variations, probability, bankroll management, and finally bet sizing.

RNGs also known as Random Number Generators are the systems that keep your poker game safe from hackers who could try to pinch the code in order to control the cards at an online poker table or find out which card could be coming next.

They are high tech pieces of software surrounded by all manner of security to make sure that your online poker experience is kept honest. They are basically a string of coded numbers that are churned out in no particular sequence and selected as and when a player acts on the poker table.

RNGs are actually used in all online games where money is involved. Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps and all the other casino games that you can find online all have to use the RNGs to ensure there is no cheating. This means the casinos have to rely on third party providers with strict licencing on their software to ensure the code is secure and reliable.

On top of this the RNGs are regularly changed and updated, so if someone did almost impossibly mange to get hold of these random strings it would firstly take them ages to crack them, and then secondly by the time they did the RNG company would have swapped the RNG out.

In poker the RNG puts the card deck in what is a constant shuffle mode. It still uses numbers according the cards plus bit counts to separate the suits of the cards to avoid for example two Ace of Hearts running onto the board.

These numbers are in no particular order and are constantly changing in sequence, whereas the early versions were a set of predefined sequences, which meant there was in fact a security risk because if someone got the string, they would be able to spot what the next card is going to be. Since this was identified the strings of numbers have been redesigned to be randomly created for each hand.

As a hand is in play the card deck of numbers and bits is constantly being shuffled. This is as opposed to live poker where the deck is shuffled, and the cards come out as they are according to the dealer’s shuffle.

This is not the case with online poker decks. As soon as the cards are dealt the deck keeps shuffling and is only stopped once the last person in the hand acts. At that point the shuffle is stopped and whichever number and bit the RNG stops on is the next card before the deck goes back to its constant shuffle effectively making RNGs safe from hackers.

AskGamblers RNG blog has some great information on how RNGs work.

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