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Obtaining the a million Pound Prize on 3WoW Scratch Card Game

3WoW scratchcard is among the most widely used online scratch cards, which provides the time to win an incredible £1 million. Farmville is provided by many people scratch card websites and you’ll discover a multitude of scratch games, but 3WoW is easily the most popular game, that exist in ‘Most Popular’ and ‘Classic Games’ groups.

3WoW is an extremely simple to play game which is dependant on a normal shop bought scratch card, in which you scratch off 9 panels.

So, before to begin playing 3WoW game you need to know that to activate the £1,000,000 jackpot you have to buy a card worth £2 or even more. The absolute minimum cost for any card is 50p, an optimum cost is £20.

3WoW is really a fast paced and simple scratch card game in which you select a card from your arrangement of cards, and scratch off squares. Each card contains 9 scratch areas along with a ‘Win Multiplier’ scratch area that is located at the end from the card.

Reveal three identical prize amounts and win the prize that seems around the revealed squares, multiplied through the number that seems within the ‘Win Multiplier’ area.

Reveal three identical 4 leaf clovers and also you win the large million prize worth £1,000,000 which may be compensated in monthly obligations of £5000 for fifteen years or choose a choice of 1 time lump sum payment of £250,000.

Usually 3wow game includes a ‘Scratch All’ button, and when you press about this button, a card is going to be selected at random for you personally and all sorts of areas within the card is going to be scratched off instantly.

Also normally the game comes with an Autoplay option, which enables you to setup the amount of games you want to play, if you’d like to create the sport to prevent whenever you achieve a particular balance, set the absolute minimum balance and maximum balance.

3WoW game is really a fun and simple to experience game which could bring an enormous jackpot aside from great wins.

3Wow could be performed at Prime Scratch Cards website where one can receive £5 no deposit bonus.

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