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Gambling: new roles for ‘bet now’ advertisements will get a lot tougher

There is an upcoming change that will concern all the gambling companies with no exception. The thing is that according to the new advertising rules all the ‘bet now’ adds will be banned.

These new rules are aimed to protect gamblers during live events, says the Committee of Advertising.

CAP is responsible for the advertising rules, and they mentioned that the new standards would affect ambiguous offers for free bets with no exception. For instance, ElectraWorks, a gambling firm, was already fined £350,000 for misleading ads.

Committee of Advertising announced that new restrictions would influence all the adverts that promote repetitive play or “risk-free” deposits. According to the new rules, adverts that affect user’s concerns or self-esteem will also be banned.

According to Free Bets News these new rules will come to life on 2 April. However, restrictions on free bets are already in act.

Free bets

The Committee of Advertising stated that most of the complaints concerning gambling advertisements are related to the users being forced to make deposits even before they access free bets or also receive the winnings.

From now on all the bets and bonuses are supposed to come with clear stateless as for the conditions and terms. All the money back offers will come in cash, not in bonuses.

The CAP director made it clear that they will no longer tolerate the ads that use people in order to make money on them. The goal to be achieved from the newly introduced rules is to protect people who tend to gamble in general. All the potential harm is supposed to be as minimal as possible.

Just like ElectraWorks who were misleading people all the other companies will be fined and brought to responsibility. The reason why the company bore such losses in the amount of £350,000 is due to the customer’s complaint who stated that while offering to match any deposit of up to £30 for free the customers had to wager £102 before their matched bonus was released.

Since similar cases were discovered the company was fined.

However, the company itself stated that if they fail to stand up to the said standards, they will take full responsibility for the issues and will do all possible to prevent them from repeating in the future.

It has been also claimed that when it comes to free betting, all the customers should have a clear understanding of how everything works.

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